Autumn 2021-22 Term

Staff Training Day01/09/22 + 02/09/22
Term Starts on05/09/22
Staff Training Day28/10/22
Half Term Close on27/10/22
Half Term Open on07/11/22
End of Term is23/12/22

Spring 2021-22 Term

Staff Training Day09/01/23
Term Starts on10/01/23
Half Term Close on17/02/23
Half Term Open on27/02/23
End of Term is31/03/23

Summer 2021-22

Staff Training Day17/04/23
Term Starts on26/04/23
May Day and King Charles Coronation Bank Holiday01/05/23 + 08/05/23
Half Term Close on26/05/23
Half Term Open on05/06/23
Staff Training Day03/07/23
End of Term is20/07/23

Further term dates are available here