Children in Wales are studying a new curriculum from September 2022

In the Summer term of 2022, we consulted with all stakeholders to take all viewpoints about what our school should be offering our pupils. We have a new school vision, encompassing what we gained back as feedback.

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The curriculum is being reformed in order to raise standards, reduce the attainment gaps between students and equip young people to lead ‘fulfilling personal, civic and professional lives’ in modern society.

It aims to prepare children to thrive in a future where digital skills, adaptability and creativity are crucial and that it is rooted in Welsh values and culture.

The new curriculum for Wales will be followed by children from the ages of three to 16. There won’t be separate curriculums for primary and secondary school; rather, it will be a continuum across all stages.

The new curriculum for Wales has been developed to fulfil four key purposes. It aims to produce children who are, or will become:

  • Ambitious, capable learners
  • Healthy, confident individuals
  • Enterprising, creative contributors
  • Ethical, informed citizens

Areas of learning

The curriculum for Wales will have six areas of learning.

  1. Expressive arts
  2. Humanities
  3. Health and wellbeing
  4. Science and technology
  5. Mathematics and Numeracy
  6. Languages, literacy and communication.

In addition, literacy, numeracy and digital skills will be embedded throughout all curriculum areas.