Class Teacher – Miss eames
Teaching Assistant – Miss pothern

About Helyg

Croeso i Dosbarth Helyg – Blwyddyn 3 a 4!

We are promoting independence through Curriculum for Wales. We have a variety of different roles in our classroom, including School Councillors, Eco Puffins, KIVA Krew, Digital Leaders and Criw Cymraeg.

Other Activities

Our topic this term is World War Two – Yr Ail Rhifedd Byd! The topic will have a Humanities focus and we will be learning about the war from a Child’s eyes. We will be learning about what life was like for a child in World War Two and how life was like in Dwygyfylchi! We will be writing letters as evacuees in the area and will be learning about Dig for Victory (growing our own fruits and vegetables) and make do and mend (sewing) with crafts in addition to making our own blackout blinds. We will be making our own Anderson shelters and practicing our drills with air raid sirens!

For our topic work this year, we have a variety of tasks in the different areas of our classroom. Our areas include a discovery area, a cosy corner, a language and reading area, a Mathematics area and Creative Area . We move around the areas to finish the different tasks! This promotes our independence and develops our skills in a variety of different ways.

We have Group Reading sessions. We read in Welsh too! We practice our Welsh daily with our Cymraeg Cwl sessions where we practice different language patterns from the Continiwm Iaith.

Our PE lessons are on a Wednesday afternoon. This term we will be learning different shapes, jumps, rolls and turns in Gymnastics and we will be learning how to play hockey.

We look forward to our ‘Pnawn Cwtsh’ on a Wednesday afternoon, during Pnawn Cwtsh we do sessions in KIVA and JIGSAW sessions and RSE. We learn about using a growth mindset and embrace challenges with a positive attitude in our class!